Cleaning Converse Magic

So the other day I got my sneakers dirty to say the least….  But I will say I actually had fun cleaning them. Not a typo. Fun! Shield your eyes. Prepare yourself.


Yes. Dirty may be an understatement… Ok you haven’t seen the after yet.


Yes, these are the same shoes. Magic or what?? How did I do it you ask?

Step 1: The Hose so spraying them down with a watering house helped some as you can see, but didn’t do everything.


Step 2: The Magic Here’s how the magic commences. Nail polish remover is the secret! Take some nail polish remover onto a paper towel, and rub onto the scuffed/dirty white rubber on the sneakers. Yay! Magic, I tell you!

Step 3: Laces shoe laces can be very tricky to clean, yes, but there is no secret that I haven’t the answer for. So here we go, into the world of magic. A bowl or measuring cup full of hot water, baking soda, and peroxide are the necessities. 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of peroxide, soak for up to an hour (depending on how dirty they are) and they should be fine. If not, oxi-clean should do the trick.

Please comment in the reply section below if you have any questions of comments!

Yours Truly, The Blue Eyed Crafter


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