DIY Quick and Easy: Wish Bracelets!

You may have already seen these gorgeous bracelets on the web, I know I have, but you don’t really realize how awesome they are till you make one for yourself. So today you’re gonna do just that. Let’s get started!


String or yarn. (You can get super creative with this, using hemp, twine, thin ribbon, or even strips of fabric, fleece especially.) 

Beads (I used regular size pony beads, but if you are using a thinner yarn use smaller beads! Mini pony beads and 6.0 size glass beads are great.)


Clip Board (anything to hold down the bracelet while your making it, tape, or even a safety pin works great.)

Make It

Your going to start by cutting three long lengths of your yarn. I like to do around 15″, you can also rap the yarn around your wrist three times, then cut that and do it two more times. With your three lengths of material, using an overhand knot knot them together. Now clip, tape, or poke your not so it is sturdy and will not move while your braiding.


With the beads you want to use laid out, it should look something like this. Now, you

re going to braid for 2-3 inches, you want this to be nice and long because this will be how to tie the bracelet on.


Once you’ve braided those few inches it should look something like this. Now, you get to add the beads!

With the strand to your very right, your going to thread one bead onto the yarn.


Once you have the bead all the way up your going to swap the right thread for the middle thread like you normally would. NOW add the bead. Swap the left thread for the middle again, like you normally would, locking the bead into place. Do NOT do this very tightly, or your bead will pop out easily.



Now before you swap the right for the left, add another bead to the right strand. Pull it up, and NOW swap the right for the middle, pulling the bead up all the way, swap the left strand for the middle locking the bead in place.



Now continue adding beads like we’ve been doing, until you have as many as you’d like to (five for me). Once you have all the beads you want to have in your bracelet,  start doing your normal braid once again, trying to have equal parts of braid on both sides. Now end just as you started, with an over hand knot. Yay! You are officially done with your wish bracelet, now how to tie it.


As you see above is how we will do it. With your extra length braids you will do a simple square knot. Make an X, and put the braid that is overlapping under, tightening around your wrist. Make another X and repeat the instructions a second time to be even more secure around your wrist. Voila!


As you can see here I have done quite a few. You can get super creative and do three different colors of yarn, or just keep it simple with a solid. Have fun!

Fun Fact Why are the bracelets called wish bracelets? Originally in the 1980’s these were very popular and kids would make a wish when putting them on their wrist, and, as they were popularly made out of hemp or twine, as you may know hemp and twine eventually unravel  and the beads would fall off. As sad as that is, when this happens it is said that the wish comes true.

If you enjoyed making theses bracelets, please share this post so others can enjoy it too! Please hit the reply button if you have any question or comments that need answering.

Yours Truly, The Blue Eyed Crafter





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