Knit Your Own: Yoga Socks! Free Pattern

IMG_0855Hi! I was going through blog posts and realized I hadn’t done any knitterly posts. Well look out!! Today we’ll  reinvent the level of difficulty in socks by knitting yoga socks! These are super simple. When you think socks in knitting, you think hard. Well after knitting this you’ll think yoga socks, easy! I cannot stress enough of how simple this pattern is. Great for beginners, or an experienced knitter who is looking for a nice quick knit that you won’t have to pay too much attention to. Now, let’s get into it!

Supplies Needed

Fingering Weight Yarn (I used Plymouth Yarn Diversity 93% acrylic 7% polyester in the color Palm Pink)

Scissors (For cutting your yarn when finished)

Double Pointed Knitting Needles Size 2.75 mm (or DPN’s)

Measuring Tape 

Yarn Needle or Embroidery Needle (For weaving in your ends once finished) 

Time (This took me about 3 evenings or maybe an hour to a half an hour  per evening at times, this may be a little longer for a beginner per sock)

For This Pattern You Will Need To Know How To:

       Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, Long Tail Cast On, Bind Off, Slip Slip Knit, and Thumb Cast On.

Sock Pattern: Make Two

        Cast On 60 stitches, I used Long Tail Cast On. Divide stitches evenly onto three DPN’s, join into the round.

        Round 1: P1*K3 P2* Repeat once star begins, if you are new to reading patterns this      basically means at the beginning purl one then start a repetition of knit three purl two. Do  this ribbing for approximately 1 1/2″ you may do more or less depending on personal  preference.

      Next Round: After ribbing of knit three purl two for 1 1/2″ begin to do Stockinette Stitch,  in the round this basically means knit every round for 2″ from end of ribbing.

     Round 1 Of Bind Off Stage: Bind off 30 stitches (immediately once beginning this round)

     Round 2 Of Bind Off Stage: Cast On 30 stitches (immediately once beginning this round) I used the Thumb Cast On for this.

     Next Round: Do Stockinette Stitch, basically knit stitch in the round. Do this for approximately 5″ from cast on edge.

     Foot Decrease Round 1: *K6 SSKBegin and end repeat at start and end of star. By doing this you will decrease a total of 6 stitches.

Foot Decrease Round 2: *K12 SSKBegin and end repeat at start and end of star. At the end of your row you may notice that you end with K12 instead of SSK. This is how it should be, do not do otherwise. By doing this you will decrease 3 more stitches.

Next Round:  Do Stockinette Stitch. Basically a knit stitch in the round. Do rows of Stockinette Stitch.

End Rib Round 1: Now begin the P1*K3 P2Rib that we began the sock with. Do this rib for approximately 1″.

Bind Off, cut yarn an weave in ends as necessary.

FullSizeRender (4)

An there you have it! Quick and easy yoga socks in a snap! Please reply in the comment section below if you have any questions or comments. Please share or print this pattern if you enjoyed it an want to give it a try, and post a picture of your finished product in the comment section!

Yours Truly, The Blue Eyed Crafter




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