DIY: Sticky Note To Do List!

Now that the school year has started for most of us, life’s gotten a little busier. For some  of us “a little” can be an understatement. So, today, I thought it’d be handy to have a sticky note to do list ready to be checked off. Maybe you have one already on your phone, but sometimes a craft is all you need to relax and get ready for your busy life. Are you ready?


Supplies Needed:

Acrylic or Watercolor Paint (optional, option of using scrapbook paper or not a colored paper is available)

Card Stock, Mixed Media, Scrapbook or Watercolor Paper (printer paper not recommended)

a Piece of Cardboard (the size of your paper. This step is optional, only to steady the paper)

Markers or Pens (you can also use paint, it is a bit tricky though!)

Sticky Notes

How It All Happens:

Step 1: Take the paper you’re using, and decide if it’s large enough or not. My Canson Mixed Media Paper was a little too small for my preference, so I taped it together on the back. There is a slight seam that you can see, but that was better than having too small of a paper to me.

Step 2: (optional) Now cut a piece of cardboard the size of your paper. This is to stabilize and make the finished piece more sturdy, but this step is entirely optional and up to you.

Step 3: (optional) Paint your paper! Using watercolors or Acrylics, this step can get super creative no matter what you do. This step is also optional, you can totally use scrapbook paper if you have some scraps, or if you just aren’t the painting type. I used Acrylic Liquitex Basics, Titanium White and Phthalocyanine Blue to mix up a pretty royal blue, adding in some white streaks while the paint is still wet. I used the same technique we used in the Painted Notebook Cover sky for my background. If you just can’t wait, use a hair dryer to dry your paints quickly, but remember to hit the cold button for a moment when the paint is dry, this seals it.


Step 4: Now for doing fonts and lettering, and the details!! Time for your up most creativity. First, I like to start out by taking a post it note, and sticking it to my paper where I want the sticky note square to go.  With either markers, pens, paint pens, OR just paint on a flat or round brush: loosely draw lines (a little away from the sticky note!) these lines don’t even have to touch, depending on how loose or strict you want the lines to be. Once you’ve done this several times (however many notes you want to be able to put on the board) you can go in with either chalk, a watercolor pencil, or a charcoal pencil to draw (in whatever font you want!) To Do’s, To Do List, Grocery List, or whatever you want the title of the to do board to be. I added in a few flowers for detail and just a little filler, so the list didn’t seem so dull. You can add swirls, spirals or anything else in the world. Let the paint FULLY dry before step five. Here are a few pictures, you can use these as a guide if you like.



Step 5: (optional) Once the paint from step four is fully dry, with some school glue or simple tape, stick the piece of cardboard to the piece of paper. Let this dry COMPLETELY before hanging or using this. You can also coat the list with a thin layer of modpodge or some clear acrylic sealer, IF you used paint. Although you don’t have to do that step, it can help with preserving the list.

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Yours Truly, The Blue Eyed Crafter


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