DIY: Easy Ladybug Card!

It’s so like me to find the cutest little card on Pinterest, fall in love with it, and then see that the instructions are in some language that I will never know. Thankfully, the eyes don’t speak different languages and from the finished product picture I was still able to make this cutie! So sit back, relax, and let’s craft!!

Supplies Needed:

Card Stock or Construction Paper and Printer Paper (in the colors red, black, and white. The white can be printer paper)


a Ruler

Some Wireless Chenille (basically a pipe cleaner without wire, you can also use yarn)

School Glue or a Glue Stick

a Hole Punch (you can also use a knitting needle and some force 😉

(optional) Googly Eyes


How Do I Make It?

First take your white piece of paper (remember this can be card stock, printer or construction paper) and cut it into a circle. If you’re comfortable with drawing your circle you can do it that way, you could also trace from a small round object laying around your house, or use a circle maker, whatever works. This will be what you write on as a card. You can glue a piece of red paper to the back of the circle, if you are worried about bending but NOT yet. Wait till the end so you can cover up the yarn and head of the ladybug. (this is recommended if you did use printer paper).

Next: I find it’s helpful to imagine the paper in thirds. At the top of the white circle of paper  (the first third) make a small hole that the yarn can fit through with either a hole punch or a knitting needle. Make either a slightly larger circle or the same size circle as before, but this time with red paper. Cut the circle in half. I find it’s helpful to use a ruler to make sure I get it exactly half, and also make a straight line. Once you have two half circles of red paper, put the two half circles together on the corners of each one (the sharp point) and make a hole the same way you did a few minutes ago.


Decorating the Card: put a few small black circles of paper onto the red half circles with some school glue. Now make a slightly larger circle of black paper. There’s a lady bug head!! You can glue on Googly eyes with some school glue now if you want. Once that’s dry, glue the head to the very back of the white circle. Make sure to stick it out enough, so it still looks like a ladybug head. Now with the yarn or wireless chenille, go through both pieces of red paper with them slightly overlapping of course. Now pull it through the holes we made in the white paper. On the back tie a knot (loose-ish! You should be able to move the wings). Optional – glue another circle of any color paper you want on the back to cover up the back. And your done! The red wings should be able to move fairly well.



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Yours Truly, The Blue Eyed Crafter


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