DIY: Washi-Tape Flower Pens!

You might have heard of that fad a while back about duct tape flower pens. No. This is not that. It’s so much prettier (and not to mention easier, and quicker! Which is what we all want, right?) So instead of getting out the scissors and the rubbing alcohol after this craft, get out your to do list an see what’s next! Don’t let me keep you waiting from the craft… Let’s get into it!


      Supplies Needed

Washi-Tape (any kind of a green, and some sort of flower color. I find that a slightly multi-colored tape for the flower petals work best, so each individual petal stands out and it’s not just all one blob of color)

Clear Cap Pens (What I mean by this is that it’s harder to use the pens that you hit the button and click up and down that have a spring in them, but the ones that have a cap instead work much better)

a Ruler (this is handy to measure your tape with, it doesn’t have to be exact, we both know I am never exact)

Scissors (if you are a perfectionist and want to cut your tape with nice straight lines you will want scissors, or you can be like me and have those beautiful uneven torn strips)

a Terracotta or Painted Flower Pot (If you also want a place to store your fabulous pens, this is a perfect touch!)

Pebbles or Decorative Gems (this is to put inside the pot, to make sure the pens stay in place, a very optional step)

How’s It Done?

The first step is to rap your pen with the green tape. The trick to doing this step is to begin your tape at an angle, so it spirals down like a candy cane. Make sure to begin the rapping process at the end of your pen (opposite of the end the ink comes out of). If you have any trouble, use the pictures below for guidance.


In the second step we will create our flower petals. Cut a piece of tape around 2″ (around, NOT exact at all is perfect)  and on the left side, fold it in towards the middle MAKE SURE to angle it down, this way the petal has some stick at the bottom to attach to the pen. It helps me to visualize that I’m making half of a triangle. Now do the same on the other side. Folding it towards the middle, making sure to then angle it down to leave sticky at the bottom. This takes practice and your first one might be waiting for the trash can…. But you will get the hang of it, and it is easy once you get the hang of it.




Our next step is optional, just in case you want to make a cute flower pot to hold your new pens in. With the terracotta pot, use the instructions in my How To: Painted Flower Pot! post. Now with the newly painted and fully dry pot, put in some pebbles or decorative gems. Pop in the pens, and there you go!



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Yours Truly, The Blue Eyed Crafter



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