How To: Dye Yarn Using Koolaid!

So today we’re going to dye yarn with koolaid. Koolaid dyeing has become super popular because normal yarn dye cost a lot of money, and are staining to the skin, therefor they can be dangerous for kids to use and take a long time to dye. But with koolaid, dyeing can become super easy, kid-friendly and very cheap. Today we’ll be creating a solid color yarn. If this is your first time dyeing with koolaid, you’ll want to do a solid color instead of multi-color. Why this is is as you can imagine, more colors are harder than one color. But don’t worry, it can be variegated if you want.  Let’s get started!


Supplies Needed:

100% Wool Un-Dyed Yarn  (If this is a gift and you don’t know much at all about yarn, don’t worry. Look for the words “natural” or “un-dyed” and for the thickness of yarn, look for “worsted weight” or “4 ply” and make SURE the yarn is 100% wool)

a Mason Jar with Lid an Cap

Distilled White Vinegar 

a Small Plastic Container/Bowl


a Measuring Cup


Time: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes – 2 Hours

Let’s Dye!

The first step to dyeng this beautiful yarn, is soaking the yarn in warm water for at least 30 minutes. If your yarn is in a ball instead of a skein, you’ll need to roll it into a skein. (Again, if you don’t know much about yarn, if the ball of yarn doesn’t look like the picture below, rap the yarn loosely around a chair, securing one end with some string so it doesn’t knot. Then with your hands as far apart as they can go inside the large loop of yarn, twist your yarn a lot so then when you pull your hands together the yarn twists up, then pulling one end of the yarn through the other end. You’ve now created a skein!) Submerge the yarn fully into the jar of warm water, then screw the lid on and wait.


Our second step is the fun part!! Inside the plastic container, take out the soppy yarn for a moment. Empty the water out into your sink, and then measure out 1/4 cup of your vinegar. Using a fork, mix in the koolaid packet. If you’re using the cherry color to create a peachy pink color, put only half the packet in. Mix WELL! Make sure all the powder has dissolved fully, and then put it into the mason jar, half full of new warm water. Inside the plastic container, FULLY submerge the soppy wet yarn into the jar. You may want the yarn in a larger mason jar if you want it to be all one not variegated color. If you do want it variegated, use a small-ish jar so the yarn is touching the edges of the jar. We use the plastic container in case the jar happens to overflow, and to not make a wet mess when taking the wet yarn out. Now screw the lid on tightly, and put in a warm/sunny spot for 1 hour to an hour an a half. You know the yarn is dyed fully when clear water comes out of the jar.





In the third and final step, take the yarn out of the mason jar and squeeze as much water out of the yarn as possible. NEVER ring the wet yarn. EVER. For me, the yarn takes about 24 hours to dry fully before I even think about rolling the skein into a ball. If you are gifting this yarn, make sure to not roll it into a ball, because you want the recipient to be able to feel the softness of the yarn completely. There you have it! How to make super simple koolaid dyed yarn in a pinch.

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Yours Truly, The Blue Eyed Crafter



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